Sefintec is an integrated consulting firm, dedicated to the creation, growth, development, and consolidation of companies and business projects. We know that companies require support to attain investment projects and continue and/or expand what was previously undertaken. They also require multidisciplinary teams to achieve their goals in the short term, since “it is always possible to go forward”.

Sefintec has the objective of increasing the productivity of each of your functional areas, dedicating 100% of available resources to your fundamental business. We establish lasting relationships by means of an integrated consulting support that is constantly evolving in order to satisfy the needs of today’s markets.

Therefore, and to face the difficult challenges of cost reduction, competition, and positioning, Sefintec was created as the business partner that offers solutions to the different financial, operative, administrative, and commercial needs that the business world demands, standing out as the first integrated consulting firm offering services all across the Mexican Republic, the United States, Canada, and Europe:

  • Assessments, financial solutions, and credit procurement
  • Risk, insurance, and finance management
  • Communication and strategic marketing
  • Business consulting


The services we offer can be found together, for the first time, in one consulting firm. We put forward our experience, talent, and effort in consulting, advisory, and client representation services.

Our value lies in the sustained and strategic growth of your company.